To mess with your thinking.

To be there when you are getting in your own way.

Ultimately empowering you to reconnect with yourself.

In Life.  In Business.

About Martin

Next to my extensive background in aviation, both as an airline- and corporate jet pilot, my "zone of genius" derives from my own journey as an ultra-runner and reconnecting with my father after 36 years.

That was the moment when I understood my purpose. To serve highly successful men on their "journey home”.

Being comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Digging deep to discover your BS.

The patterns that are holding you back.

To become the best man you can be.

Taking action in times of uncertainty and fear

Managing emotions instead of letting them control you.

Moving "out of your head" and "into your heart".

To empower yourself to discover totally new ways of being.

Experiencing shifts in perspective that are so powerful that there is no "turning back" after you have experienced them, felt them, "got them".

Xtreme Resolve

About Xtreme Resolve

Based on my own journey overcoming those challenges, while personally adopting the Northmen Code , I created Xtreme Resolve.

The framework to support you on your journey.

To disrupt yourself.

To realise what you are really here for.

In your private life. In your professional life. In your business.

Enduring to overcome all obstacles. Internally and externally.

To ultimately succeed.

Martin Stork Outside Reading


I am collaborating with like-minded facilitators and organizations to support their clients to achieve sustainable, transformational results.


I dare to work with men like you.

Regardless if you are a leader, an executive or entrepreneur.

I´ll be there, walking next to you on your journey.

At levels where the air can get very thin.

Day and night.

In beautiful weather, when the storm is raging or simply when the sh*t hits the fan.

That’s what XTREME RESOLVE is all about.

Hell yes, I am in!

Are you?

Take action